What do you know about being a woman? What do you know about being a woman of God? If you’re like me, you may have grown up in the church or around godly people and when you hit your 20’s you weren’t sure how to make your way into womanhood. Or, you may be full fledge into this womanhood thing and you’re still not be sure if you’re doing womanhood “right”.

You may also find yourself new to the Christian faith and you, too, are wondering what a woman of God looks like, acts like, or is like.

I don’t think you’ll find all of the answers to your questions about womanhood or godliness here. But, I think you may find something of value for you, your sister, your aunt, your mother, your grandmother or your friend.

Being a woman of God means you’re vulnerable in ways you wish you didn’t need or have to be. It means you’re seeking healing because you’ve known brokenness. It means you’re in need of a Savior, the One we call Jesus. I hope through this website we can connect as women and grow stronger together.

May the God of love and mercy guide us closer to His Son and closer to each other.