“For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.” John 1:16

Grace (n)

  • mercy; clemency; pardon
  • favor shown in granting a delay or temporary immunity.

5 letters. 1 word. 66 books. 1 Bible. 2 Testaments. 1 Savior.


From Genesis chapter 3 to Revelation chapter 22, the Bible has woven together the thread of grace. It is, single handedly, one of the most beautiful tapestries extending from heaven to human hearts. We didn’t deserve a plan of salvation, we don’t deserve redemption and we absolutely do not deserve a God who pardons us when we do wrong again and again.

But Jesus…

but Jesus came to show us the face of the Father. (John 14:8-14). He is the direct representation of God. So often, God is seen as a vengeful father who is seeking to repay every wrongdoing. On the contrary, God is FULL of grace.

As women, we have to sit with the idea of grace and allow it to overwhelm our souls. We are often weighted with regret and burdened by extreme guilt. We carry emotional baggage meant for a Savior, meant for a cross. We live every day forgetting how frail our human hearts are. Ladies, we can’t do it all. I know society has woven together an image of a woman who can look like Kim Kardashian, be as talented as Beyonce, as smart as Oprah, a cook like Rachel Ray and a mother like Claire Huxtable. But sisters and friends, there is no perfection in womanhood. God knew we would be flawed. It is only through Him that we can wake up and live each day flawless.

We have grace upon grace as we grow into the type of godly women our Father designed us to be. Grace is the blanket covering the ill way in which we talk to our children. It is the covering over every harsh word spoken to our spouses. It is the soft dew over every streak of anger, unforgiveness and jealousy. Grace is the thing we don’t deserve, but the thing God drowns us in daily.

Join me as we unpack Bible stories filled with grace and make note of women granted an abundance of grace by Jesus the Christ. Please, find another woman who will study with us! Ask her to sign up on http://www.tobepraised.com.

My prayer is this devotional series will speak to us all.

God bless you.


Grace Upon Grace

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