“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.” – John 7:38


I have this really amazing memory of my grandmother watering an array of plants in her house. I don’t know how old I was, but this memory is seared in my head and heart. My grandmother was such a beautiful woman partly because she was my grandmother and completely because she really was. I loved watching her walk quietly from the kitchen to the living room to drip water carefully into pots and pots of plants.  I can still see her caramel colored hands with veins running wild as they as they handled the vessel she poured water from. I think my fascination with plants stems from this memory and many more where she unknowingly taught me how to tend to something that had a quiet need.

Watering a plant takes patience and delicacy. 

You, beloved, are a plant. The watering process is just as important to you as it is to a plant in a pot or garden. You have a quiet need. It pulsates every day and it’s so gentle it is easy to brush off. But, when you do it grows and creates a gaping hole inside of you. A hole filled with dryness. You brew over every relationship to find a missing piece. You spend extra time with your girlfriends to tell them something is missing. And maybe after you’re gone a little bit longer, searched a little bit deeper you realize the quiet need that has grown into a deep hole is your need for Jesus, our Living Water.


We are so needy, so frail, not only as woman but as human beings. Our delicacies can easily bend us out of shape so God tends to us in our delicate nature day by day. He hovers over us the way my father, son of my grandmother, hovers over his flower pots. God sees your potential to be a gorgeous flower, a strong flower, a flower that makes everyone stand in awe! That is the plan God has for you and your life. It is no secret. But we have to allow God to develop us through the growth process. We have to submit to the process, in the off season dig into the Word so we become unmovable, and live off of Jesus–the Living Water.

Are you thirsty this morning? Are you longing for something and you are unsure what it is? Do you need to be poured into by Jesus?

In John chapter four, Jesus has a life changing conversation with a woman. It is a conversation that still changes the lives of women every time we read it and realize the social barriers Jesus broke to minister to women like you and I.

As the Samaritain woman drew water from a well she encountered Jesus in such a special way. He, being Jewish, broke through the racial divide between Samaritains and Jews to speak to a woman who was thirsty. As she drew deeper and deeper into the well Jesus asked her give Him a drink. In turn she is confused over His gesture and need until she realizes that as He asks for physical water from her, He is offering living water to her. The difference, Jesus needed water on His physical journey and she needed water for her spiritual journey.

Historians say Jesus had no real need to stop by this well in Samaria; it wasn’t a necessary stop in His journey to His next location. But I say, look at the lengths Jesus goes to to offer you water when you need to be filled. I say, look at the extra mile Jesus was willing to go physically so that you and I and women like us can draw from His well and be satiated time and time again. I say, look at how delicately Jesus dealt with a woman who was a sinner and a social outcast. He offered her water gently and with patience. My friend, He will do the same for you.

Again, I wonder if any of you are thirsty today. If so, you too have an opportunity to be watered by Jesus. Prayer and the Word are how I stay connected to God through Jesus. I pray to remained connected to the Living Water source. I need it or I will feel so stifled, so dry. This week, while you wait to reach full bloom be watered by Jesus. He is asking all who are thirsty to “Come!”.

Are you thirsty? Do you need to get connected to the Living Water source Jesus offered to the woman at the well so many years ago? If so, that well is still available. Jesus is simply asking you to “come and drink”.




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