When I think of God’s call, I think of two things: God’s call which gets your attention and God’s calling as which determines your purpose. Both are woven together, and we’ll review verses and stories in the Bible that substantiate this.

There have been a few of you who have submitted questions or have had a conversation with me regarding the idea of God’s voice, and I pray this 4-week study helps you and others understand, more profoundly, the voice and call of God.

While I tend to be a woman who likes to create suspense, I realize it will be helpful if I provide the 4-week topical outline.

When God Calls: An Introduction (Week 1)

When God Calls: I’ll Be Somewhere Listening (Week 2)

When God Calls: Are You Ready? (Week 3)

When God Calls: The Call is Irrevocable (Week 4)

Each week, I’ll ask you to work through some questions as a follow up to the devotional. It’s important to seek God personally, and I know, as women, we do so much for others. As you study this week, think of about your walk with God.

The world as we know God’s voice shaped it. He said “let there be,” His voice ringing out into the darkness creating life forms and worlds. The voice of God is both powerful and purposeful. When God calls out, He does not do so passively. He calls out to set forth a purpose that will be accomplished. Everything that God speaks to is spoken to evoke a response. As we sit with this concept, I want you to revisit Genesis 1 to remind yourself of how the voice of God began to work in the seen world. Also, note that everything — human or elemental– responded to God. When God calls, everything must answer.


Read 1 Samuel chapter 3 and answer the following questions in a notebook or journal.

  1. Have you ever felt like God has called out to you?
  2. God to you respond when God calls out to you?
  3. When do you feel God nudging you towards a particular situation, person or circumstance?
  4. How do you convey your spiritual experiences with God to other people?

See you, right here, next week. We’ll wrestle with this broad topic together and hopefully; we’ll get some questions answered and will walk closer to the Lord in the process.

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