I have been writing ever since I was three years old. The first thing I, like most kids, ever wrote was my name: E-R-I-K-A. My mother had told me once I mastered writing my name I could get my own library card; that was all the incentive I needed to be disciplined and dedicated enough to master what was rightfully mine, my name.

The intersection between faith, writing, self-identity, and my spiritual calling has bred a passion to cultivate conversations, mentorships, and opportunities of reflection for women to stand in the intersection between their faith, self-identity, and spiritual calling.

So, I want to hear your stories because I love a good story!

Share with us why are you writing? What’s your story? What inspires you to write? How does what you’re writing correlate to your faith? Send your name, a photo, social media handles, and a link to something you’re writing to erikakimberly@tobepraised.com.



“and a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised…” – Proverbs 31:30

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