Before we dive into studying God’s Word together, it is important to have a few things in our hands.

  1. a Bible: I have two Bibles I read the most.
    • The first one is the Bible I received when a few months before I got baptized (at 15 years old). This Bible has gone through Bible camp, college, my first love, my first loss, my first real job, and MORE. It is my go to Bible because it has so many annotations and highlights in it. I open it and see my spiritual growth which inspires me to continue on this journey with the Lord
    • The second one is a Women’s Study Bible. There are so many study bibles on the market and I think everyone who wants to study the Word should have one. My study Bible has Greek translations, questions, and commentary which is useful for when I develop Bible studies.
  2. a journal: I’m old fashion, journals are still my favorite
    • Use a journal (or Google drive) to keep track of your notes, questions, and findings God is always speaking dear friends! If you study God’s Word, study it the way you’d study anything else: with intention. We bring books and journals to class why wouldn’t we do that and more when we sit at the feet of Jesus?
  3. an open HEART: 
    • I’ve walked with God for a while now. Actually, sometimes it’s been hand in hand. Other times it’s been my foot in His hand (imagine me being dragged by God…yes, it’s felt that way sometimes). But, I’ve tried so hard to keep an open heart to Him.
    • The best way to be touched by God is to be open TO God. There’s no way water can flow into a well unless the well had an opening. Without an opening, the well would be washed in water but never filled with water. See the difference. Many people have been washed but, have they been filled?
    • Will you be filled? Please come here to be filled with Living Water, with Jesus, with His Word. This site is not about a person…it is about the Lord.

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