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Your life is a race and like any race there is a coach, fans, spectators, and other competitors.

While you run, your coach (God) is confidently watching you patiently anticipating your victory. He knows every hurtle and every mile is one He trained you to overcome, not necessarily with ease, but with success.
Your fans (close family members, inner circle of friends, significant other) are cheering you on. They often see where you’ve been, but they also see exactly how much further you need to go to win. They see your fatigue and yet, probably more than you at times, believe in your ability to win. With zeal, they cheer you on as if you were the only person on the track. They, like the Coach, are constant.

Spectators are in there, too. Every time your foot raises up to hurl your body forward, they see you. They are not actively participating in your race (your life), these people are simply watching, observing and assessing your performance. They are so close you often confuse their presence with participation.They mumble and claim you could go faster, try harder and push yourself, but they don’t genuinely wish you did any of those things. They aren’t necessarily watching and waiting for you to win and yet, they won’t admit they may want you to lose.


 Similarly, your competitors are watching you run. From the corner of their eye, they fight along side you step by step because they do not want you to win. You often mistake these people for individuals hastening to their own goal, and in some ways they are, but they are also people who would much rather keep you from reaching yours. Competitors don’t want you to get an inch ahead of them (in a new job opportunity, a new love interest/relationship, a new home, another child, a vacation, etc) because they believe this threatens their ability to win. They are disillusioned and these are the most dangerous people in your race. They often share your interests and passion to win. If you are not careful, you will be distracted by them. They are not truly your competition. They are an illusion. Although you may run near them, they do not determine your race’s outcome.

I have run my race looking around at my competitors for help. I have focused on the hurtles instead of my Coach who whispered “you can do this” from the distance. I have focused on the spectators hoping they would cheer me on like my fans. In the moments, I failed to run well. I had to decide to assess every person close to me. Where some of my associates and “friends” spectators? Had some of the people I’ve known for years become silent competitors? Did I give recognition and attention to my family members and close friends who were tirelessly clapping for my success?

My best run began when I trusted my race, ran towards my Coach and allowed the voices of my fans (close family members and inner circle of friends) propel me forward. 

How well are you running? Is it time for you to change your focus from your competitors and spectators to your Coach and fans? If so, don’t delay. We are all running and your victory depends on your focus right now.


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